Saturday, 26 October 2013

Hello Fresh!

So this morning I thought I would boost my nectar points and do a few adpoints video watching (yeah because 20 points mean the world) and then I saw an advert for a site called Hello Fresh and it advertised a box which arrives on your doorstep (free delivery) and has all the ingredients in for 3-5 meals that week! You can get classic boxes, vegetarian boxes and family boxes.

The adpoints advert also said that I could get 20 pounds off my first delivery... bonus! So I clicked the link, no loss for just looking, and 20 pounds off a box gets me a classic box (vegetarian had some veggies I don't love) and the minimum people you can order for is two.. but that's fine, 6 meals worth of food for only 19 pounds! Last week I got just salad and little bits for a tenner!
And I may as well have a decent week of eating before going back to salad right ;)
Although I have just realised I have a uni deadline on the 7th of November, when the box comes on the 5th.. but I could just cook one meal and maybe even eat on deadline day before I go home, but on second thoughts that would be too much of a shock to the system. Hopefully it will work out fine, it says on the site that all perishable ingredients can be frozen so i'll maybe just make the prawn meal and work from there :)

Anyway I am a rambler! You just want the code to maybe get a cheap meal for yourself!

here it is  - W8D96B
(click on the link for where you need to put the code in)

I will try and post the meals that I make, and all the food that I get in the box, but with deadline week... we'll see hey!

I'm pretty chuffed with this! I'll just have gotten home from home and not really have any food so I won't have to go out shopping in the cold rainy welsh air!

Oh and they deliver on a tuesday or thursday, which is just perfect because I have the day off :)

Have a great rest of your weekend and I'm going to catch up on process sheets for my deadline (boring)


Easy Peasy Lazy Meals

I was going to post about what I ate tonight.. but I didn't take a picture and I could have sworn I had one but I don't... but I did find another easy meal I did another time.

Cous cous with creme fraché on top

I think it was a spice mix couscous... or it may have been a plain one, but with plain cous cous's you can always add spices and herbs to them.. I can't remember which ones I used this time but a common few would be rosemary and garlic, thyme, curry powder.

All I did was cook the cous cous with the right amount of boiling water in a container - it's the easiest thing to clean up after if I'm not eating in a bowl - and then spoon left over creme fraché on top and put it in the oven on the grill for a few minutes = crispy cous cous and slightly toasty creme fraché


Let me know if you give it a go! And I apologise for the shabby photography...


Sunday, 20 October 2013

The #cardiffmeet

My first ever bloggers meet! I was just scrolling through twitter one day on a cardiff page when I saw a blogger talking about arranging a meet, which I completely forgot about until I got an email last week with the details of the meet :)

It was a really good day, we met at the bunk house which is a really cute bar/hostel in town and had a teapot of tea and then went shopping in Cardiff and at 2pm we went to The Cosy Club for lunch. 

One exciting part of going was a little goody bag that Georgina had organised for us! 

Dirty works - Body Butter
Benefit - 'They're Real' Mascara
The House In Town - Jewellery 
and smarties <3

big thank yous to The House in Town for donating the jewellery goodies... this is their online site.

The other bloggers there were GeorginaHelenLeanneMia & LauraLindaNina and Gemma.

It was great to meet new people in this new area I'm living in and there are discussions for a winter mini meet up! Exciting :)

and my dinner tonight... Just something I made up from what I had in the cupboard :)

I've been having salad mostly the last few weeks to try and lose weight for my friends wedding (I'm a bridesmaid!! eek)

and this is what I was doing last night.. and since wednesday. the padding stitch for my lapel!

Two posts in two days! Excitement. 

Now I'm going to go and read a book because I've done everything I need to do tonight! Shock. Up to date on life :)

night night xox

Saturday, 19 October 2013

home home home

After 11 weeks away over the summer being an au pair I came home last month, for 10 days and then back to uni...
I'm not even going to try and explain my absence, I've just been off the blogger loop, until today! There was a blogger meet up in Cardiff which I attended and it was really nice just to meet some new people and talk about random things and have a little shop :)
Here are some pictures from my time away/time home.

bespoke tailoring module

Weekend in Manchester, everything everything gig

day trip to London 

 (jumbled pictures) Italy . . . 

View from Vesuvius . . . 

albacete. . . 

 Albacete Festival . . .

 make up for a girls night in turned girls out 

ciao for now! I will make plans for future posts, no forgetful me this time. 

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Hola hola desde España

Yes I moved! I came to Spain last week in the dead of night :) I have been here a week and it's great so far!
aaaaannnd I was just planning to write a post, post some pictures and stuff, but I am meeting a cousin of the children I au pair for here in 45 minutes, and I'm sitting in my towel! Time to get dressed!

Next post will be better, promise!

and I will also post about my nomination for the Liebster award!

adios, hasta mañana!


Thursday, 18 July 2013


I did plan to post a lot of pictures of Capri, but the internet is so slow here it took hours and hours to upload some and then I lost the page.. so here are just a few of my boat trip to Capri and around the beautiful island.

                          Leaving Seiano
                           View from Sorrento of Vesuvius
                           Capri Marina Grande
                          Carthusian Monastry of St James (via Certosa)
                              absolutely beautiful place, totally recommend it

                           All the street signs are this beautiful

                           view from up high of the Marina Grande
                          cheeky afternoon pina colada

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

monday through to wednesday

boring boring boring title


On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we have gone to the beach in the morning, then the pool, had lunch and then the kiddies sleep (it's great) and then we go to the mini club, then back to the hotel to shower and get ready to go out for dinner...
It's routine for the children, but I need some excitement! Anyone reading this from the Seano-Sorrento area able to tell me where to go? Oh and one small catch - I have 5 euros to last me until Tuesday.
Sunday is my day off, so I'm going to catch up on some sleep (hopefully) and then head out to wherever my mood takes me - away from my host family!

Pretty sure I'm writing blabber now and you're bored so here's the pictures I've taken over the last few days...

Mondaaaaaayy -

the face of innocence.

crocco pizza

wednesdaayyyyy -

'you stand here'